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HubSpot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Its products and services aim to provide tools for customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, web analytics, search engine optimization, live chat, and customer support.

Javier mentioned, "Oh, god. I have TONS of things that not only I dislike, but HATE of HubSpot. 1) The learning curve is ridiculously big, as a result of a very badly designed UX and the constant bugs when using it. 2) You will need hours, days, weeks and sometimes months of hard work to design by yourself a decent landing page that will still lack many functionalities and look not so good. Their visual editor is really really bad, and coding in HubL is frustrating. And if you look for predesigned templates, most of them are terribly badly designed. It has issues every now and then, and you will lose contacts, automations will not work... a disaster. Their support chat works sometimes, sometimes not, just when they decide to make it available! Very careful with the Advanced Code Snippet box in your landing pages settings, don't place your tracking codes there: sometimes this doesn't work and you will lose retargeting opportunities. Also, email templates are terrible. Oh! And this one is the worst: if you tag your ads' URLs with UTM tags, HubSpot receives these tags but will not show you this info for all interactions, only for the interaction preceding the creation of the contact. TERRIBLE!!! I think this has to be the worst CRM ever in history!!!"


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Former Employee - Technical Lead says

"Sorry to hear that you feel that way about your time here-open to any feedback you have here, but sounds like your experience wasn't great and for that I'm sorry. -Katie"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I'm so sorry to hear that your experience has felt this way-I'd love the opportunity to hear your feedback and improve it, and I hope that you are feeling the effort we are putting toward moving the needle further to making HubSpot not just more diverse but more inclusive, so regardless of whether we get the chance to talk further, just know that we can and will do better here, and I'm here to chat if you're ever open to doing so. Sorry to hear we let you down here, Katie"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"When people tell you this place is a cult, they aren't kidding. It's a glorified adware company that's convinced it's changing the world. Everyone is a ladder-climbing, two-faced snake who will rat you out to management the second you aren't acting "hubspotty" (a word they actually regularly use which at its core means showing up to work smiling and happy to take whatever they give you). They consistently underpay their support workers, and when tasked with brutal overtime, compensate them with pizza. They act like they care about progressive issues but don't actually care about anything other than the bottom line; it's all a PR stunt."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you work for a manager who shouldn’t be one and a toxic team member that barely works then it might as well be a 1 star. So they get one star. There are no growth opportunities in some areas like BET. No where to go unless you career change entirely. They ignore and brush off any bad news they don’t think is important because ratings don’t like (to them)."

Former Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"This was a tough review to read, but thanks for sharing your perspective. A few notes: -The CS org is still very much growing to support our customers--I'm not sure when you left, but I think you would see/hear a lot of things this year that support our customers and the CS team more broadly in terms of enablement -Glad to hear you still feel cross-collaboration is possible in the org, I would agree, and I think we are contuing to invest on that front across product and services, services and sales, and other key groups throughout the organization. -On compensation and ratios, we are always benchmarking those roles against current data, but appreciate the feedback and will continue to keep it top of mind. Thanks for the feedback, it helps us grow better. -Katie"

Current Employee - Channel Account Manager says

"Sorry to hear you feel this way--I actually think of our partner program as being very generous to our partners, and it's evident in the growth of that program. Nonetheless, the last thing we want is for you as an employee to feel like our partners aren't growing better, so I hope you'll consider talking with us in person about how we help on this front. The Partner Program is critical to our success, as is the channel team, so would love to be a part of helping ensure both your success and those of our global partners. Sincerely, Katie"

Former Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"Thanks for taking the time to write a review, and sorry to hear that we let you down with your overall HubSpot experience. As you may already know, we have new leadership in Services and with it is a renewed focus on customer-centricity and creating a culture and environment that really helps our whole success org focus on the customer or partner. My hope is that some of the key investments we are making in operations can allow CSMs to truly solve for the customer. The Services team and People Ops team are partnering to work on some upward feedback surveys around management and leadership that I hope will address some of the concerns you outlined, but if you want to connect to share feedback directly with our team on your experience, we'd love to make time to make that happen offline if you're open to doing so. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback-even when it's not fun to read it helps us learn and grow better as an organization. Sincerely, Katie"

Former Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"This is a tough one to read, I'm sorry to hear your experience with us was less than stellar. We investigate every single employee claim as it relates to accusations of mismanagement, so I strongly refute that we allow any claim to go uninvestigated and followed up on, but nonetheless I'm saddened to hear that you left a company where you felt the overall culture was great because of a manager situation that was suboptimal. I'm spending a lot of time with Alison as it relates to the culture and leadership of the services org, so will look at any recent challenges or issues that are flagged as part of that conversation and hopefully make meaningful improvement around any concerns or issues you reference above. As always, happy to hear feedback on what we can do better, thanks for sharing it. -Katie"

Channel Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"The AP Sales organization is held to a far different standard than the rest of the company. Reps are treated like mercenaries, and middle management is awful. All of the "best place to work", etc. is accurate, but only for certain organizations. CEO does not believe in developing sales leaders.When you begin, you have about 6 - 9 months of a very favorable Ramp / Draw.Very difficult to maintain satisfactory attainment. Your book of Partners is decided for you, so portfolios are very much luck of the draw."

Order Management Specialist (Current Employee) says

"My day starts between 8 am to 8:30 am. I process and create invoices and reply to emails. I learned enhanced communication skills, multiple finance systems and CRM, such as Salesforce, Recurly, and Avalara."

Email Deliverability Data Analyst (Current Employee) says

"HubSpot hires young. This makes for a young vibrant environment, and great culture. They love to promote from within, but with everyone being in their 20s or early 30s it's kinda like being back in school.culturepay"

Inbound Sales Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Great workplace however if you are temp isnt worth the stress. I feel it could have been planned better with a more secure feeling however overall a cool place to work."

Product Expert (Former Employee) says

"HubSpot was an awesome place to be a new college graduate professional. I learned a lot including customer-facing skills, managing up, and learned that having a technical job doesn't have to be intimidating.Unlimited PTO, Work from anywheredidn't pay great"

Credit Repair Specialist (Former Employee) says

"good money but no work life balance. If you don't come into work because you are unwell you will be terminated on the spot. People stay for the money not for the job"

Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"HubSpot spends a lot of time and money trying to cover up the fact that the entry level "Support Engineer" role is just tech support in a call center, but you'll get the picture soon enough after hiring (if you make it through the ridiculous interview process). There are a lot of good perks to working at HubSpot, but you will be expected to attend all sorts of social events (mandatory fun) after you get off of shift. This doesn't sound too bad on the surface, but when you've been working with difficult customers on software that is broken most of the time and only earning $13/hr before taxes, it gets tiring. I've heard people describe HubSpot as "cultish" and that is very accurate. They will try to get you to buy into their culture (just like every other company) and shove it down your throat if you resist.Free food, beer. Decent benefitsCult like vibe. No work/life balance. Low pay."

Reader9999 says

"I don't know what business people who post positive Hubspot reviews are using the platform for. I'm sincerely curious what tasks they find it useful for. This is the absolute worst platform I have experienced for free - much less paid.

I tried out marketing and sales hub (100 a month for 2 users) when all I wanted to accomplish was send bulk emails (3-5 at a time) to contacts with attachments and track opens. In three months - and granted, the effort was off and on - I still don't know how to do this fluidly. I think I managed it once.

The sole thing this platform was remotely interesting for was tracking email opens. Even then, I had to "add" hubspot every single time I sent an email. At $100 a month I don't care that much, and even the tracking was spotty. Sometimes no "open" although I know emails were opened, sometimes they showed insane number of opens - beyond what could possibly be correct.

What I did see during my (mostly fruitless) efforts to find guidance on the platform were CONSTANT upsells. Tons of promising "features" that - oh wait, you don't have that! - Here's a redirect to sales for information on this feature. Let's suck more time in this ad but still not learn how to do the task you were hoping for.

Not intuitive, organizing fields was a nightmare, doesn't perform basic things I needed - and try to ask for help! They're happy to email an article (wow thanks, I'm paying 100 a month for this?), which may or may not be on point. No follow up unless they see you looking at an upsell, then they might!

Seriously this platform suc*s. After 3 months, I cancelled what never was remotely useful."

Dean J B says

"Shambolic, you can spend weeks setting up your database, preparing your contacts, making its relevant to there fields, build landing pages, connecting your website with coding, hit the green button on the final day for it all just to fall apart, and it can fall apart at any stage through this preparation process, I had to keep over coming many obstacles and watch many videos to get to the final hurdle just to get suspended for hard bouncing 62 contacts, I was told even if I upgrade and pay the next level theirs no guarantee they would lift the suspension, I’m use to bouncing 20,000 monthly (with poor cleansing processes in the past) with Salesforce and not even a blink...the ethics and standards behind this company to “maintain its name” are ridiculous!! well take your name off everything we send....they operate on the basis that once you get in so deep it’s hard for you to walk away hence the big steep price jump between upgrades....a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if it seems to much effort for free then consider someone else"

Nayson Rouhipour says

"scammers and liars, they will promise you whatever you ask for during the sales process and then waste months of your time explaining that what they sold you is not actually possible within their service without extra charges and fees. support is literally a myth with this company as it is a classic pass the buck culture where no one actually wants to assist and they jsut want to pass you from person to person without any resolutoin."

Frank Fitzgerald says

"Hubspot does not care about their customers. Once they have you they will try to gauge you and take your money any chance they have. They are awful."

Wool nough's says

"Overall to start with Hubspot seemed like the perfect solution so that we could test out their free interface to see if it would work for our future marketing purposes.

Unfortunately it failed at the first hurdle. In order to create html tables in a standard marketing email you have to buy the full package. A complete failure for such a basic tool."

MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020 says

"Please, don’t use HubSpot. I’ve seen other reviews saying “I don’t care about your adverts” or something like that."

Doctor Bastard says

"Sod off with your YouTube adverts. I don't care about your company."

Jack Everist says

"Annoying adverts when trying to watch youtube videos. I don't care about your product and don't want to see it."

Alexander Schlosser says

"Poor support and poor SEO compatibility. No recommendation to use Hubspot's CMS."

Jay says

"I signed up for a free trial and setup a call with their product manager. When the product manager found out I am part of a very small company, her attitude immediately changed from positive to negative, and she rushed through the call - showed that she was annoyed when I was asking questions and wanted clarification. She then abruptly ended the call saying she has another call to attend to and will send follow up information. That never happened.

I then reached out to the sales rep and during the phone call, she was very pushy and was providing me with false information just to get the sale. I know this because I had the fine print open on their webpage and she was saying yes to all questions just to lock me into a contract.

As a follow up, she answered a couple of emails, but when discovered I'm interested in a lower priced package - she stopped responding.

It's too bad hubspot doesn't care about small businesses and startups, even though they claim they do. It is these SMBs that end up becoming big corporations and enterprise customers. I guess there is a reason all major corporations use salesforce and not hubspot."

Jack Puckett says

"Lucretia Wilburn Two revues, disagreeing with each other (1 Four star and 1 Five star)
Step Zamo1 one star on October 14, 2019 and oddly enough stolen from a review of SwitchUp; five other ratings, 4 Five Star and 1 One star rating all on May 6, 2020)
Matt Swan January 30, 2020 originally a review of 23andme; 13 reviews almost all different services, and almost all wonderful and 4 or 5 star reviews
These reviews are suspect, as they seem borrowed from other services, repurposed for this website and rewritten or manipulated to accrue many more star ratings that mislead. Click on their names and it will go to a page that lists their entries with a reference above their review that are the places the entries were originally published"

David says

"UPDATE ONE DAY LATER. we’ve ditched hub spot and gone back to Www.lessannoyingcrm which has been painless.
Original post:: Just awful. I wish we had stuck with but under pressure from the team we switched. Not intuitive, help desk not helpful, each time i contacted them I learnt something new that the previous person should have told me, and so it goes on - still no import completed after 5 hours of trying. I did it within 20 minutes on LessAnnoying aptly named site. Plus anything you cannot do on LA they will do for you - HS say they won't."

Flash Fomo says


I wouldn't even give the customer service team a star.

I reached out to my sales person who was very responsive pre sign up and great at recommending a top tier package yet the minute i signed up and asked a question he directed me to a 1300 HUBSPOT number to call...

For "a sophisticated tech" business they are well behind in customer service.

Finished off with quite a demeaning one way monologue from the customer service team member and then 'they left the chat'.

Scoping my options for other providers."

Nick Verity says

"Because of CV-19, we downsized and never used their product once. We went to cancel and they refused to delay payment or refund our $4,200. In fact, they kept our billing cycle running as they tried a collections circus act on the backend by urgently pressuring us to pay our $4,200 or else $2,100 monthly payments would hit every month til EOY. We were even willing to re-negotiate a term that would keep us paying all year at a new, discounted rate, but they couldn't make amends. Complete disregard for clients who never use HubSpot or see value."

Tim Huckle says

"I looked at this from the telephone integration aspect.
All CRMs should allow IP phone services to dial out, and the better ones allow the CRM to pop the callers record when a call comes in. This gives a better impression and saves time.
Hubspot seem to be pushing clients to their own in built system, which is not really a phone system. It is also very limited on the free version providing just 15min of calls per month.
As usual, upgrade is essential to get 8000 minutes, but then if calls are recorded I wonder how long before a further upgraded memory is needed.
At that stage its serious money.
The phone options they suggest are all States based where all UK calls are seen as International calls. That means calls will be expensive.
Hubspot is no doubt very good in some areas but it worries me when these apparent tricks to get extra money is used.
Be careful."

Saul Edwards says

"I used HubSpot free version successfully for 8 weeks when doing a trial on behalf of my company, and liked it a lot. On my recommendation, my company then bought the paid-for 'sales pro' version, and its been an unending nightmare ever since. The customer service gets WORSE (much worse) after you pay for stuff. It looks like they 'front end load' their customer service experience, until they get your money... and once you have paid, you then get Aeroflot-grade customer service. Actually its worse that Aeroflot (having flown Aeroflot). And its not just one bad experience with one bad customer service exec, its CONSISTANTLY bad across many experiences and when it then gets escalated to a Team Manager, they too let you down. My impression is of a call centre that is understaffed with poorly trained people, where all the good CS staff are working hard to migrate you from "free" to the "paid for" version. I've gone from being a "HubSpot Evangelist" to being a "Hubspot Hater" in 4 weeks."

Christopher C says

"We onboarded Hubspot for our team of 14 and subscribed to the marketing plan for 12 months.

During that time we built automated workflows, landing pages, endless lead gen forms, segmented audiences and monitored the activity through the dashboards.

Hubspot is an absolute jungle and customer service, while the best in the industry, is still not quite as responsive for $800USD per month.

There isn't a happy medium between the $50/plan and the monsterous $800/months plan.

We burned through countless hours building a CDP/CRM that ultimately just generated much busy work with no relatable increase in revenue.

We still use the free version, but are stuck in their flywheel as we continue to encounter their thought leadership, outbound campaigns, and blogs. What they lack the most is a plan in the middle and helping small businesses in a meaningful way. In this downturn their small business opportunities will dry up because there isn't a system that we can bite on to."

James Dawson says

"Cool free version, very limiting if you need a lot of power and a complex system, also the data structure is a complicated as compared to other systems. I had better luck with ZohoCRM which is very wysiwyg but can rack up if you get addons. Ultimately I feel like pipedrive worked the best for me but need to keep users low."

Mark Anderson says

"Generally really good service and variety in offering but a little onerous and I don't like that we have to pay extra to get additional training."

Siavash Ghazvinian says

"They build features too quickly so they have more to advertise and get you in a contract, but it takes them a very long time to get around to fixing the major issues in their features. We decided to switch our chat to Hubspot Chat, but realized quickly that their 'away bot' is not possible to display on a website when you want to hide your standard chat and show a bot instead. These kinds of bugs happen because they hastily release features and it makes their powerful tools entirely useless.

I do love Hubspot and I recommend it all the time, but I'm very disappointed in the lack of care when it comes to a set of features they've released. It really feels like they called it in and realize features without testing."

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